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Technical Support:

Areas of Excellence:

Operating Systems:

Engineering Areas Of Excellence

Advanced Software Research, Inc. has the experience and expertise to provide solutions for any systems or software problem. When our customers need their toughest problems solved, we provide the quality solutions they expect on cost, and on schedule. In doing so, we draw on a broad experience base including, but not limited to, the following focus areas:

  • Real-Time Systems
    • Simulations
    • Embedded Systems
    • Control Systems
    • Operating Systems
    • Operational Flight Programs
    • High-Speed Interfaces and Device Drivers
  • Test and Evaluation
    • Simulations
      • Hardware In The Loop
      • Man In The Loop
    • Embedded Processing
    • Integration and Test
    • Test Instrumentation
  • Analysis Software
    • Mission Planning
    • Simulations
    • Data Reduction and Analysis
  • Software Reuse Tools
    • Mil-Std-1750A Virtual Machine
    • Jovial Language Translators
  • Systems Design and Analysis
    • Computational Systems
    • Buses/Networks
    • Controls and Displays
    • Data Aquisition Systems
    • Telemetry Systems
  • User Interfaces
    • Grapical User Interfaces
    • Command Interpreters
    • Pilot Vehicle Interfaces
    • Ground Control Systems
  • Processes and Development Tools
    • Unified Modeling Laguage
    • Configuration Control Systems
    • Quality Control
    • Development Processes